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help keep brill oldies on the air


Brill oldies is paid for by advertisers and money out of the stations (owners/presenters) own pocket.

We are a community station so we rely on your support, our advertisers and of course our listeners.

Currently we get no funding so every penny we are able to obtain goes a long way to bring our local community their own station which is unlike any other commercial station in or around the area.


Although we only broadcast for 10 days in a row twice a year, the cost to do this is massive and that's why we can always do with as much help as possible.


All the money goes into paying license fees, equipment and any other charges we have to pay to be legal. We do not get paid as presenters and do it all for free.


If you feel like supporting us and give anything towards our next broadcast (even a £1 helps) then please

donate using the link below. We will even list your company or name as thanks on this page if you like ?


  Pay via secure server using any debit or credit card using paypal

Paypal do charge us some small fees for receiving the funds. Otherwise all money goes to our station