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News and Updates:


Jan 2009: New Pictures added

New pictures added to the front page and also here


Dec 2008: Brill Applies for Full-time License !

We can confirm that Brill Oldies has applied to Ofcom, (the radio license authority) for a full-time license to be able to broadcast to Brill and the surrounding area every day.

The application process is a long one and we will not know the result until September 2009.

Support us and your community by sending your comments and suggestions via the contact us link.


Oct 2008: Brill Back on-air December 26th

We are back on air just after christmas for another marathon of music and chat in the local community.

More details on how to listen and also how to advertise your business for a very low price can be found under the Advertise link.


History of Brill Oldies:

coming soon..


Audio Files and funny bits 2007-2008:

We will add to these shortly, but for now how about...

Listen to a Brill Oldies "we loose the plot" five mins. We all make Paul "the boss" almost unable to speak on a final evenings show. It's great fun bringing the station to you which is why we do it. Although we are normally a little bit more professional... well as much as we can be.

To listen click the play button below: